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Gas grills, portable grills for the patio, grill heads for grill islands; no matter what type of outdoor grill you need, we have your needs covered. Our models offer restaurant-quality power combined with stylish looks. But unlike other grill brands that carry our high-end features, our grills are affordable. Gain features like commercial-grade 304 stainless steel, briquette heating systems, rotisseries, infrared sear burners and so much more, all without breaking the bank account.

More about Our High-End Features

We incorporate dual-lined 304 commercial-grade stainless steel into each model, with polished edges and ergonomic handles. This stainless steel offers a high nickel count so it will last for ages outdoors, and is only found on premium gas grills. Our briquette system is second to none. It blends both direct flame and indirect flame cooking, along with unique spacing between the briquette trays. This system allows for more even heat distribution which results in better looking and better tasting food in less time than other completely indirect flame systems. And all four and five-burner grills come standard with a 10,000 BTU infrared back burner. The addition of this rear burner expands your cooking capabilities by using the grill like an oven to easily bake foods. Add an optional rotisserie for cooking whole chickens, turkeys and other meats. All Titan grills come equipped with commercial-grade stainless steel tube burners. By using only straight burners we are able to ensure even heat distribution and reduce or eliminate hot spots on the grilling surface. Optional cast stainless steel burners can be added at any time if desired (found in our components). All of our knobs are die cast with stainless steel bezels. They are engraved with easy-to-see flames that identify the cooking position of each burner. Each knob is finished off with our heat resistant easy grip outer ring. We promise all grill carts are 100% stainless steel and include double shelves for more prep space, magnetic double doors and large storage capacity for liquid propane tanks, covers or other accessories. All of our carts are finished off with heavy duty locking casters that will hold up in any environment. All of these high-end features only found in premium gas grills, but at a fraction of the price... that's Titan Grills! To purchase a Titan Grill visit the website of one of our Preferred Dealers.

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